A.I. Everything everywhere is about change management.

Our expectations around the rate of change in generative AI is way off. We poke fun of Mid-Journey’s ability to draw fingers as if it would forever be an AI-art tell. The next day, millions believe the Pope wears a cool parka. We make fun of the nonsensical recipes that Chat GPT-3.5 produces. The next day, version 4 is passing the bar exam, and developers are questioning their career choice. And of course, our inability to change the course of climate change is well documented. For companies and brands, this inability shows up in two ways.

The first way: we don’t challenge individuals and organizations because we’re on the outside, and we can’t keep up. We don’t have time for due diligence, so we end up with a Theranos or FTX.

The second way: we don’t challenge ourselves because we’re on the inside, and we can’t keep up. We’re attached to yesterday’s incentives, labels and narratives. So we end up with Silicon Valley Bank mismanaging the change of interest rates and Tupperware mismanaging the change in consumer preference.

Being a challenger brand means managing change better than your competition. In self assessment, humans often maintain that our ability to adapt to change is our defining trait. That narrative looks like it’s being seriously challenged.

—Ross Phernetton, VP Creative & Strategy


Why brainstorming doesn’t work

by Randall Larson

Raise your hand if you hate brainstorming. Me too. We have all been in this meeting. We arrive optimistic, someone hands out some information, then says “let’s brainstorm some great ideas.” The results of the next hour are predictable. Any ideas generated will almost certainly lack genuine …

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What happens when profit meets purpose?

Last week, our very own Nicole Travis, VP Client Services, spoke at the latest SheSays Mpls event, “How Brands Do Good by Doing Well.” She was part of a panel of inspiring business women across the Twin Cities, all of whom are finding unique ways to support important causes through their work. Here are some highlights:

“Make humanity sense, not just business sense.” —Krista Carroll, Latitude

“It’s work/life integration, not balance. And being clear is kind.” —Kelli Williams, The BrandLab

“Let go of people who don’t align with your social values.” —Nicole Travis, Shinebox

“Think of your partners as your customers.” —Rachel Busse, Alight

“Employees need support as much or more than customers do.” —Annie Nelson Stanoch, Increase Your Good


Modist Brewing did something cool.
We filmed it.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, our friends at Modist Brewing released “Get In Where You Fit In.” It’s a Hibiscus Lemon Gose brewed by women—including the first Black female brewer in Minnesota, Modist’s very own, Bri Smith. Check out our how it’s made video then get yourself a glass:


We’re visiting the future.

April 21-22, Shinebox is back at AIGA MN’s Portfolio 1-on-1 event — it’s our annual reminder that creativity never goes stale. We can’t wait to talk shop with the next generation of design talent as they prepare to enter the working world. And to prove they mean business, we’ll highlight a few students whose portfolios made us jealous in the next volume of The Challenger. Stay tuned.