You may know what we create, but for this year’s Shinebox holiday card, we wondered –  with a little help from an augmented reality (AR) experience – what if you saw how we create?

Team Shinebox devised different machine components based on what takes place in our collective hearts, minds and space as shiny, disruptive ideas are crafted. Parts of the process can be messy, other parts comical. But in the end, the machine always creates sweet success.

Ad Agency Holiday Card

Paper comes alive.

Clients and friends received a package that included a poster of our Shinebox Machine, a box of colored pencils and a holiday greeting card that included instructions.

The instruction card invited them to become part of the magic in two ways. First, they could watch the machine come to life through augmented reality. After, they could get tactile and add their own creative twist with color.

Exploring with augmented reality.

Using AR tech from Roar, recipients could explore details of the machine up close and animated. Interwoven with our approach and humorous easter eggs, there was plenty to discover through the looking glass.

Shinebox Holiday Card

Tactile connection.

With the colored pencils, everyone could add their own spin to the Shinebox Machine by coloring whatever and however they wanted.

Colored Holiday Card
Colored In Holiday Card

Social takeover

For our social media friends, the poster became an Instagram advent calendar, taking over our feed as 1:1 individually animated blocks.

Thank you for truly the COOLEST gift idea I’ve seen from an agency. I can’t wait to try it out. Have a happy holiday and enjoy some relaxation with your family and friends. I am grateful for our partnership!


Thanks for the fun process map and colored pencils!  Very clever!


I really love the fun augmented reality coloring kit that you guys sent! I just got it today and my whole team is having fun playing with it.