Start with ambitious goals. Build for steady progress.

CU Online is an online banking website, as well as a robust mobile app. Starting from scratch was not an option, but neither was deploying limiting off-the-shelf solutions as-is. Knowing this, we set a bold long-term vision for a user experience (UX) and interface (UI) that felt great on all platforms. Then we worked with software providers, developers and client teams to make it happen — one feature at a time.

Power to the consumer.

Third-party credit score companies, credit card management, built-from-scratch personalization tools — even aspects of the website and mobile apps — work with identical precision.

A helpful voice of service.

Quick start guides act as both consumer tools and helpful advice that also pointed users to services they may not have considered before.

All in one place.

Consumer home dashboards were designed to be fully customizable, allowing users to add widgets for loans, savings accounts, credit scores and more. A plus: many transactions — such as transfers — are designed to be made directly from the dashboard.

Delightful touches and tools.

Member rewards, mortgage calculators and quick-views incentivize users to consider more services and make those services more delightful and effective to use. Banking should be empowering.

Wings Financial

Designed and built over 3 years, the Wings Financial mobile app and online website tools reflect Wings' attention to detail and care for its customers while employing the robust, empowering resources of a big bank.

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