Designed to stand out

Style has always been less than important for the everyday users of safety gear. So when tasked with increasing market share of 3M’s SecureFit safety eyewear we looked beyond the world of safety, and instead focused on the fashion and sunglasses industry.

Audience Insight

“I put them on because they make me look cool. I keep them on because they work.”

Shared Value

The more you want to wear protective eyewear, the more effective it is.

Brand Story

Safety designed to make everyone look good.

The campaign combines industry-leading performance, an amazingly comfortable fit, and style as bold as the people who wear them.

One of the pieces we designed included a brochure that made a statement in 3D. With custom-engineered diecuts, a sample of SecureFit eyewear snapped into place on the top of the brochure. On the back, we detailed the unique eyewear attributes and specs for placing orders.

The brochure made a disruptive tradeshow display and takeaway while doubling as a product leave-behind for the sales teams.

A tough day just got easier

SecureFit is designed to self-adjust in order to reduce eyewear slippage and relieve frame pressure on the temples. We photographed people with diverse face shapes and profiles, to demonstrate SecureFit’s flexibility to fit like it was made for you.

No pinching. No headaches. No slipping. Ultra-comfortable, even-pressure temples adjust to faces of all shapes and sizes, so it fits like it was made for you. Stays on securely, but feels like nothing — and that’s everything. Safety eyewear that’s lighter than air.

“Safety glasses have to perform and be comfortable, like any other tool I use in my work. If they fog or slip, I have to work around them, even take them off. And they have to make me look good. Seriously.”

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