Here, we face our toughest challenges head on. Believing that together, we can build something better. Live healthier. Take care of each other. And turn our adversity into our advantage. With top physicians, world-class technology and personalized specialty care, Essentia Health helps you realize your best health where you live.

This is where you belong.

Shared Value

We are of this place, not just from it.

Launching a new Brand Story

Starting with employees, Shinebox tells a new Brand Story through the lens of location, community, and people of the region.

Before talking to consumers, we focussed on the employees, providers, and care givers of Essentia. The people of Essentia invest more than their careers in the region.The communities they share with their patients is where they raise their own families and pursue their passions, hobbies and dreams.

Through an internal campaign launch, we introduced Essentia employees to a new brand story, Like Nowhere Else. With print, a microsite, and Sharepoint we engaged team Essentia in how their mission and values aligned with a set of ten beliefs they share with the people and communities they serve.

A system for storytelling

We partnered with Essentia Health to create a document that detailed a system for storytelling as a key component of their brand. The system informs photography, design, messaging, and color theory as it relates to the landscape of the region.


Like Nowhere Else tells the stories of real people and real places. People living in the regions Essentia calls its home – highlighting the parts of their lives that they’re proud of, and that they most identify with.

We wanted people to see health care in a way they never have before. So instead of showing consumers as patients, we showed them as themselves. Through a photojournalistic lens, we depicted consumers as people with passions, purpose, and an investment in the region – who also happen to be patients of Essentia Health.


In order to make people think about health care in a new way, we created a series of :15 second shorts for Essentia Health that approached tv commercials in a new way. Each :15 short was a pairing of two stories that demonstrated the values, passions, and capabilities of people and place.

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