Launching Sanitaire QUICKBOOST™

Maneuvering a bulky machine, finding an outlet, tripping over cord chaos – cleaning crews encounter hassles when using a traditional commercial vacuum.

Cleaning crews have been inhibited from working thoroughly and with ease. Easier cleaning creates cleaner environments.

Sanitaire introduced a battery-operated upright and enlisted Shinebox to help unleash the machine and explore what escaping the horrors of a corded device looks like.

The result was an uncluttered message: a lean, mean machine that goes where other vacuums can’t – rooting out the dirt that lurks in the shadows. With clean lines, bold graphics and visual intrigue, we took on the eerie happenings that creep up on crews during late-night cleaning hours.

With no cords to hold them back, crews would be set free. Cleaning now had no bounds.

Unleash the Machine | check out the landing page live

If Hitchcock ever made a movie about killer vacuums, QUICKBOOST™ would be the star.

At traditionally dry hospitality trade shows, Sanitaire stood out with cinematic flair. Competitive benefits turned into a creative edge and a memorable product launch for the cleaning industry.

Photo Credit: Patrick Norris, Bissell