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Science is complicated, but worth seeing.


Hidden in a strip mall somewhere in suburbia.

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Hamster Wheel
Hamster Wheel
Hamster Wheel
Jason from Hamster Wheel
Jason from Hamster Wheel
The Idea

Ten stories of science. Applied in unexpected ways. Each station told its own science applied to life story.

Non-polyvinylchloride polymers. Applied to getting things spinning.

Precision-crafted listening instruments. Applied to delivering the highest-quality patient care from space.

Vibration-damping viscoelastic polymer. Applied to keeping noisy appliances quieter.

Hollow glass microspheres. Applied to making cars parts lighter for fewer stops at the pump.

Polarized liquid crystals. Applied to glass that darkens to help protect precious eyesight.

Nano-crystalline oxide fibers in an aluminum matrix. Applied to carrying twice the power without larger towers.

Microprisms with cube-corner retro-reflectivity. Applied to brighter signs that help drivers.

Self-sharpening precision shaped grains. Applied to cutting metal faster — so you can get done sooner.

Pure silica glass with viscoelastic foam. Applied to making high-speed broadband installation easy — anywhere.

Low-tack, pressure-sensitive adhesive. Applied to making a big finish.

Brand Story

Come see science and life intersect. 200 pounds of steel, 1400 hours of labor, and 25,000 Post-it Notes.

Hamster Wheel
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