Audience Insight

The DIFM (Do-It-For-Me) movement created a sudden reliance on pro contractors for home improvement projects. Consumers demand perfection. And Pro Contractors know that choosing the right tool matters for delivering it.

TOOLS + TALENT combine to celebrate the pro contractor and disrupt the home improvement category.

Anthem Video

Pro Contractors build their businesses one customer at a time. Honing their skills, using honest tools and a relentless will to deliver on their promises. The Built to Perform anthem captures the inspiration behind the tools that bring out their best.

Shared Values

This is where we stand.

To further celebrate the pro, a set of Shared Values were crafted to work as brand pillars and story starters.


There are no short cuts in the life of a Pro Contractor. Built to Perform campaign photography shows off every detail, all the grit and every spec of dust involved. No gimmicks, no hard sell. Just honest, straightforward tough work.

Video Library

Pro Contractors focus on the job at hand, and so do their tools. 30-second product videos highlight simplicity and effectiveness visually by shooting at an impressive 1000 frames per second. Script are short, and thoughtful sound design intensely focuses the viewer on the job to be done. Letting the images do the talking, with short simple statements.

For when comfort matters.
Heavy duty.
Cuts fast. Lasts long.
For when endurance matters.

See just what 1,000 frames per second looks like.

Wood sanding, spray painting, metal grinding. At 1000 frames per second, Shinebox cinematographers were able to capture the raw beauty found in motion when you slow reality down. Millions of particles of microscopic paint, shards of fragmented wood and brilliant showers of white hot metal all become a dazzling spectacle in vivid high-resolution detail.

Watch the video.

In the years since its launch, the campaign has accelerated marcom, created a shift from reacting to planning, and built a truly global marketing asset sharing program.

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