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Brand Story

On October 25th, we turn up the heat at SEMA. The hottest talent, tools and fuel ignite the world’s premier automotive trade event.

3M IJ180
3M IJ180
The Talent

We worked with one of the hottest vehicle wrap shop in Vegas. Their expertise lead to stunning results.

The Fuel

Installers love their energy drinks. So we created one.  Inspired by 3M IJ180 wrap film, the energy drink promoted new product options while amping up our audience.

3M IJ180 3M IJ180
The Shoot

2 Creative Directors, one production crew and 11 wrapped vehicles combine to make a big scene around town and at the show.





 Photo Shoot   Video Shoot

3M IJ180
3M IJ180
3M IJ180
3M IJ180
3M IJ180
The Show

Everything ignites at once when we turned up the heat at SEMA. The IJ180 vehicles cruised the strip while inside sales staff wore IJ180 race team jerseys, handed out IJ180 energy drinks and swag. The live wrap demos drew a crowd.

3M IJ180
3M IJ180

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