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The President will be responsible for the day to day management of SHINEBOX such that it can effectively and efficiently meet both its short-term and long-term goals and ensure that profitability (short-term goal of four million dollars in revenue in 2019) and significantly larger goals thereafter are achieved.

This person will work in a collaborative effort with the executive management team to maintain the positioning, mission, values and culture that has been adopted.  Effectively manage the company such that an exit or strategic partnership is possible in 2-5 years from start of role as President.

Reports to:
The Board

Direct Reports:
Executive Leadership Team

Job Responsibilities:

  • Lead the exploration of business growth ideas, research and validation of our services.
  • Lead the development of the annual business plan and iterations and adjustments throughout the year.
  • Ensure the executive leadership team (ELT) work together as seamlessly as possible respecting each others roles and contributions; and filling gaps that erupt in times of rapid growth.
  • Manage the overall budget and forecasting for the business in collaboration with CFO or Director of Finance.
  • Lead the review of all systems and processes throughout SHINEBOX to optimize integration, information and minimize duplicity or unnecessary work.
  • Lead monthly ELT meetings including agenda, conclusions and follow-up.
  • Share monthly all staff meeting leadership with the ELT.
  • Work closely with ELT and assist to develop new partnerships that expands SHINEBOX’s reach and new business opportunities; by using established relationships with influencers across the country: spot emerging market opportunities, then draft marketing campaigns to specifically target same.
  • Work closely with CCO to ensure the technical roadmap is optimized and executed in best possible fashion with the resources available considering all options.
  • Work with CCO on the productization and SHINEBOX branding as needed.
  • Work closely with head of talent and operations to ensure a constant and efficient flow of qualified candidates for both contractor and employee status.
  • Work with ELT to ensure proper public relations and related announcements are distributed as appropriate in a timely manner.
  • Work with ELT to ensure we are competitively pricing our products and services.
  • Collaborate with ELT in making any changes or pivots in any part of the business that furthers our mission.
  • Ensure that the entire SHINEBOX team has the resources required to effectively do their jobs including technical tools, subscriptions, marketing materials and other.
  • Ensure that all HR related policies & programs are managed and executed within budget and in accordance with the highest moral and ethical standards and the values of SHINEBOX.
  • Lead the future development of appropriate organizational plan and structure.
  • Serve as arbiter of any conflicts or disputes between and amongst any members of the SHINEBOX staff as appropriate.
  • Closely work with and communicate with The Board to ensure mission and focus remains strongly in tact and SHINEBOX continues on path to success for all parties.
  • Specific requirements of this position include:
    • Management of KPI’s
    • Ensuring financial goals are met
    • Employee satisfaction metrics
    • Establish Customer satisfaction goals (retention, renewal rates, etc.)
  • Lead or co-lead any funding initiatives and presentations to investors.
  • Help prepare for and participate in Board meetings.
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Digital Producer

Shinebox Producers aren’t paperwork managers, they’re logistical leaders responsible for scoping, managing, and enabling cutting-edge go-to-market digital experiences. At Shinebox, producers play a central role in delivering excellence that exceeds our clients’ business objectives, while bringing profit to our agency.

To grow the digital content practice inside a growing Minneapolis agency.

Job Responsibilities:

  • 5 – 7 years of agency experience producing digital content and experiences, via social, web sites, emails, and yes, banners.
  • An external network of development resources—we don’t have in-house developers, nor do we plan to.
  • An external network of creative resources that are savvy with digital—to help stretch our internal team and expand our capabilities as we grow.
  • The ability to step outside the box and contribute innovative ideas as a member of the creative agency team.
  • The ability to manage risk as well as the leadership to guide stakeholders through uncertainty.
  • Inherent curiosity coupled with ability to figure it out and get it done.
  • Experience building client-budgets and timelines, and then managing both to profit and deadline.
  • The ability to write tight SOWs.
  • The ability to bring the rest of the agency team up to speed on what it takes to succeed in digital.
  • You’re a problem-solver and you love creative ideas.
  • You’re driven to do great work.
  • You’re fun to work with and believe in coaching people to help them perform at their best.
  • You’re excellent when you’re client facing.
  • You build trust and deliver on your promises.
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Art Director

Shinebox seeks a visual storyteller with an independent spirit. The ability to create great design is a given — must also be driven by autonomy, with a gift for empathy and work that demonstrates an innate understanding of what an audience really wants.

Working with top creative directors to build and execute disruptive campaigns across multiple channels, including digital, social, film, retail and brand.

Job Responsibilities:

  • 3–7 years of agency experience producing campaign and brand content, via multiple marketing channels (e.g., digital, social, film, retail and brand)
  • Ability to effectively communicate/demonstrate your ideas in multiple forms
  • A firm grasp of existing creative tools and eagerness embrace new ones
  • A knowledge of external tools and resources that enhance the craft
  • An independent spirit who also knows how to follow existing structure
  • The ability to contribute and advocate for innovative ideas as a member of the creative team
  • The ability to understand risk as well as the leadership to guide clients, illustrators, writers and other team resources
  • Inherent curiosity coupled with the capacity to execute your vision
  • Experience presenting and selling your work
  • The ability to write and collaborate on copy
  • The ability to communicate clearly and effectively with team members
  • A problem solver who loves creative ideas
  • The belief that craft is important; it’s what drives great work
  • Must be fun to work with and believe in coaching people to help them perform at their best
  • The ability to build trust and deliver on your promises
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We are always looking for talent. Shinebox actively seeks freelance partners in film and digital. There are also internship opportunities that open up in the spring.

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