Two new Shineboxers joined us this month. Welcome Creative Director, Keelan and Sr. Account Director, Kelly!

Keelan Campbell

Creative Director

Whether camping in a state park or strolling through his backyard, Keelan gets his kicks and inspiration from The Great Outdoors. When he’s not advertising, he’s mixing drinks, roasting coffee, or tapping the Walker Art Center for ideas. In every sense of the phrase, he’s “creative by nature.”

New Shineboxer Keelan Campbell
Keelan Campbell sitting outside at his cabin drinking coffee
Keelan working cabin-side?

Get to know Keelan:

Q: What’s your favorite travel destination?
A: The BWCA in northern Minnesota. I go every year.

Q: What’s a special talent you have?
A: Home. Made. Ravioli.

Q: What’s something you’ve been you’re currently fascinated by?
A: I’ve been reading Rick Rubin’s book, “A Creative Act”. He has a really interesting perspective on creativity, inspiration and art and how lifestyle and mindset help bring the greatest ideas to life.

Kelly Olson

Senior Account Director

From producing the Oprah Show to event management to running her own PR shop, Kelly’s talents have taken her coast to coast. Lucky for us, she returned home to Minnesota – and joined the Shinebox crew. Quick-witted and enthusiastic, it’s no surprise Kelly spends her weekends doing improv theater.

New Shineboxer Kelly Olson
portrait of Kelly Olson and Oprah Winfrey
Kelly & Oprah in real life, not AI

Get to know Kelly:

Q: What’s your favorite holiday and why?
A: I love Halloween! Serious Pumpkin carving competition with my husband, dressing up (see: photo), roasting and eating my weight in pumpkin seeds! What’s not to love?

Q: Are you a dog or cat person?
A: Dogs – The wiggling butt of our pug puppy, Winona, and the compassionate eyes of Alice, our boxer/lab, melt my heart every day.

Q: What’s something you’ve been you’re currently fascinated by?
A: The intersection of AI and creative and the impact on art – in all its forms.