Brainstorming doesn’t work, and you subconsciously know this

Brainstorming doesn't work because brainstorming is not a creative process. But understanding how creativity works can help.

3 Reasons to Fire Your Great Agency

How do marketers looking to build a brand and grow their business decide among all of the creative agencies? Shinebox visionary Randy Larson explores this topic and gives 3 reasons to fire an agency that isn't delivering.

The Real Doomsday Scenario for Artists

Shinebox editor and motion designer Dan Laschansky explores the new-ish technology around AI-generated art and shares his thoughts on how Shinebox will work with AI as we move forward.

A Fortnight for Example

Free beer, no assholes. It’s a phrase Shineboxers know well and use often. Partly because it’s punchy and memorable. Sprinkled with logos, pathos, and ethos. (The Greeks would’ve loved it.) Mostly, however, because it’s one of our core values. Enter the Shinebox Fortnight, unlimited PTO's chill cousin.

Stop asking your agency for 3 ideas

Nearly every agency you can think of walks into their client’s conference room with a three-headed monster in tow: three options with not much of a choice. It’s time to reject that and expect your agency to get it right, once.

If your brand isn’t loved by your customers, does it still exist?

We come across many different forms of brand strategy in the work we do with clients. We’ve seen brand pyramids, brand matrices, brand promises, and brand stories. The result of these brand strategies is a focus on what the brand does for the audience. They may state things like “We provide the…” or “We inspire more….” WE, WE, WE. Most do contain some form of audience insight but fail to tap into a more powerful shared experience.

How a love of video games & motorcycles built a B2B brand

Disruption, the kind that transforms a business, often comes from things we cannot anticipate. From people we do not know. From social and cultural hot spots that we haven’t yet discovered. Effective discovery identifies these threads and offers brands an open door to differentiation, purpose, big ideas, growth and legacy staying power.

Who’s getting more out of your branding campaign – you or your agency?

We're noticing a troubling trend. For too many agencies, winning awards appears to be more important than generating results.