And it’s saying you really can have it all here at Shinebox. Awesome co-workers, collaborative partners, a flexible working environment, and work to be proud of.

The perks of being a Shineboxer:

  • Work where you want: home, away from home, in the office
  • Unlimited PTO (yes, really)
  • Paid parental leave (adorable baby pics welcome)
  • Complete health benefits including medical, dental, mental health and vision
  • 401(k), disability insurance, life insurance, and flexible spending account plans
  • Paid parking and dog-friendly North Loop office

Shine with us.

Strategy Director

We’re a branding agency. We build disruptive brand narratives that boldly create enduring impact. This requires leadership in research, insights and strategy. Oh, that’s where you come in.

The Role

First of all, everyone shines here. Yes, really! Shinebox is a safe place to be bold and be you. We welcome your identity, whatever that may be. Diversity, equity, and inclusion is better for each of us and all of us.

You’re the architect. The person who decodes the customer, figures out the market, finds meaning in the data, and shines a light on hidden truths. You’re the thought leader, the one who asks why.

Clients trust you because you understand their business, their category, and their customers. Creatives are inspired by you because you bring clarity and specificity to a chaotic world. Coworkers love you because of your emotional intelligence and your instinct to collaborate and partner.

You’ve spent seven-plus years of planning and strategy at a creative agency—but want to play a bigger role at a smaller place. Your default mindset is growth. And you’re accomplished in both B2B and B2C markets, which really means you do B2H, Business to Human.

Some of Your Talents

  • Writing briefs that are complete yet still brief
  • Fluency in all channels and content
  • Master of qual and quant research
  • Thought leadership and writing
  • Learning-plan development
  • Decision journey mapping
  • Presentation guru
  • A quick study


$125k. The fastest way to equity in pay: transparency.

Shine with us.

Introduce yourself, and submit your resume to or click the button below.

Culture and Core Values.

We look for culture adds, not culture fits. That being said, we all share these core values. It’s what makes our workplace and our work stand out.

We seek people that share our 5 core values:
  • Committed to craft.
  • Endless curiosity.
  • Embrace bold moves.
  • Results matter.
  • Free beer. No a**holes.
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