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Audience Insight

Fragrance is a personal, creative experience of discovery.

Brand Story for Thymes

“We are artisans inspired by discovery, creating and self-expression.”

To Market

Pique people’s passion for fragrance and connect them with the studio and artisans behind each aroma.

The fragrance explorer

Imagine exploring fragrance as you would shop for fine wine. Our unique approach allowed people to learn, linger, discover new scents — and expand their purchases.

Gifts, not groups

Masterful gift wrapping was always a beautiful option for online purchases. We made sharing the passion for fragrance meaningful with curated, pre-made gifts for many occasions.

Fragrance tuned for a mobile world

Catalog copy was beautifully written but too long for digital. Haiku versions help consumers explore new and unfamiliar fragrances at a glance.

The Thymes Shop

Reimagined with a sense of curious discovery. Linking sophisticated imagery and content to the shopping experience creates a luxury brand customers cherish.

The Fragrance Insider

A redesigned blog features behind-the-scenes expertise from Thymes artisans to create a deeper connection with consumers.


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